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As a business process outsourcing specialist, we have designed our service portfolio in such a way that we are able to service all your business needs as our client. We offer outsourcing and managed services in accounting, tax management, human capital management, payroll administration, research & analytics and credit management.

Accounting Services

In 1494, the first book on double entry accounting system was published by Luca Pacioli, what we know today as debit and credit, we have come a long since then as much as accounting was used as a system to keep track of transactions, now accounting information is used to track business performance and create key indicators to follow to check the health of any business. Our accounting services offer your business the full finance function, you leave this to us and worry about the core of your business. We will manage the process for you from invoicing all the way to management accounts and annual financial statements. Our services include:

  • Internal business processes and procedures
  • Income and expense budget
  • Capex budget
  • Income tax structuring
  • Analysis of financial Information
  • Full Financial Manager Role
Research and Analytics

Any good decision requires thorough research, this is truer in the world of business with all the risks businesses face every day. We always say to our clients what supports great business decisions is research, whether you are trying to understand what your competitors are doing different; or you want to launch a new product or go into a new industry. Talk to us first, what you don’t know perhaps we don’t know either but we have the right skills and partners to find out for you…

It doesn’t matter the industry you are in, the size of your organisation, whether you are researching an idea or you want to formulate a new strategy for your business. We can help you, our team is waiting to hear from you…

Credit Management

With outstanding debtors, often being a company’s major asset, it is obvious that a reasoned and structured approach to credit management is necessary. Credit management is a key business process in mitigating against the risk of giving credit to unworthy customers and increasing your risk of high bad debts. We can help you and your business to increasequality credit sales which in turn will decrease your bad debts and improve your business’s cash-flow. Granting credit to your customers should help grow your business not put it in jeopardy.

Our solutions are designed for any type of business that wants to offer a credit facility to its clients, we can offer the full credit management function, from the design of the credit policy to vetting your current and prospective clients. Our services include:

  • Full credit management function
  • Review and Design of credit policies
  • Debtors book analysis
  • Credit risk assessments
Payroll Services

Outsourcing your payroll administration may be an efficient way to reduce costs and focus on the core business of the firm. The employee regulation that comes with payroll administration can be burdensome. Our payroll services make it easy for you to be able to account and comply with all the necessary regulation, we can also manage all your communication with SARS and UIF. Depending on the size of your company we have different packages that are fixed, meaning that they can help you budget because you know will in advanced how much your payroll fees are. Our payroll services include:

  • Company Registration for PAYE, UIF and Skills development levy
  • Payslips
  • PAYE, UIF and Skills development levy calculations
  • Electronic filling of IRP5 Reconciliations
  • Allocation of costs by percentage or fixed amount across departments.
Human Capital Services

Human capital management is a key business process for any business that seeks to execute its strategy and deliver value to its clients. You need the right people in the right position with the right set of skills to deliver for your clients. Our human capital services offering caters for that, whether you have an existing HR structure or you are looking to outsource the whole HR function. Come to talk to us, we have just what you are looking for:

Governance and Compliance

    • Skills development facilitation services
    • HR policies and employment contracts
    • HR Reviews and audits
    • HR due diligence
    • Employee relations
    • Labour relations compliance

Talent Management

    • HR manager
    • Organisation design including competency frameworks and role profiling
    • Talent acquisition and selection system
    • Performance management, talent training and development system
    • Reward system, including job grading, salary benchmarking, annual increases, bonus and incentive schemes
    • Talent and succession reviews

HR Service Delivery

    • HR Operating model
    • Enabling technology

Outsourced HR Services

    • Talent Assessments: Selection assessments, developmental assessments, skills audits, Design and facilitation of assessments, Selecting suitable assessment tools and batteries, Performance improvement initiatives
    • Talent acquisition and selection: Placement fulfilment, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Selection skills training, Recruitment projects
    • Organisation Development: Business strategy facilitation, strategic HR projects, Employee engagement- culture, climate, values, Leadership development, team development and effectiveness, change management, coaching
Compliance and Tax Management 

It is easy to find a good tax practitioners but a challenge is finding excellent ones who belong in the right regulatory bodies and keep abreast with the latest development in tax industry. We can manage your whole tax function including third party payments. Our service offering caters for individuals and corporates, take a glance at our service offering and call us…

Corporate Tax Compliance

    • Preparation, completion, and submission of the annual income tax return and relevant supporting schedules
    • Checking of all assessments and statement of accounts received in respect of annual tax returns, including revised assessments
    • Lodging notices of objections and appeals against incorrect or disputed assessments
    • Attending to queries from SARS on your behalf in respect of any contentious or disputed matters
    • Preparation and submission of provisional tax returns and advise on the extent of appropriate provisional tax payments
    • Registration of taxpayer for SARS e-filling and any amendments to the e-filing profile


    • Tax Registration
    • Provisional tax returns
    • Income tax returns
    • Reconciliations and returns
    • Withholding tax returns – dividends, interest and royalties
    • Tax clearance certificates and tax directives
    • Applications in respect of the voluntary Disclosure Programme

Individuals and Trusts

    • Tax registration
    • Provisional tax returns
    • Withholding tax returns – dividends, interest and royalties
    • Ad hoc returns - donations
    • Tax clearance certificates and tax directives
    • Residency certificates
    • Applications in respect of the voluntary Disclosure Programme